Alumni Spotlight: Adriana Baer ’00

Adriana Baer headshot1. Tell us about your life today. 

I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Ryan Durham (also class of 2000), and I am the Artistic Director of Profile Theatre.  It took me a while to get back to the West Coast from NYC, and I’m so happy to be back!  Besides directing, I also spend time trying to grow tomatoes in a place that rains all the time and at the coast enjoying the Pacific Ocean.

2. Outside of work, what are you passionate about?
Cooking, gardening, exploring the Pacific Northwest, yoga and meditation.

3. Looking back on the classes that you took at MA, which one had the greatest impact on you and why?
There were so many classes that were impactful for me that it’s completely impossible to choose one.  The obvious choice would be my senior year directing class with Rob Melrose since that set me on a course to where I am now.  But to be honest, I think that my Algebra II class with David Badger was just as important to me since it showed me that I could think analytically as well as theoretically.  It was awesome to be inspired by math as much as I was inspired by the arts.  I also think a lot about history with James Shipman and Doug Woodbrown, chemistry with John Hicks, all my Japanese classes, and English 1 with Eugenie Chan.

4. What is one of your best MA memories?
Senior Vision Quest.  How amazing to be howling at the moon at the end of high school!  I have a deep gratitude for that experience.

5. If you were to re-enroll at Marin Academy, what would you do differently the second time around?
What a great question!  I think I would go on more outings, and make sure I did something really different from my normal interests during Minicourse.

6. Tell us about the first time you remember taking a big risk or stepped outside your comfort zone at MA.
This is probably not the first time, however…  I was always good at performing other peoples’ stories and writing, but for my Senior Speech, I read a creative short story I had written myself.  Even though I was comfortable speaking in front of people, it was a big difference sharing my own words in that way with the whole school.

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