Students Engage In MA’s Philanthropic Tradition

Guest post by Kyndra Kennedy, Director of Annual Giving

As you know, Marin Academy has always relied on its community for the financial resources that make our singular brand of education possible. Parents, alumni, faculty, staff, alumni parents, and friends have provided – and continue to provide – the support needed to sustain everything that makes MA special.


Say hi to Alberta, Class of 2016 – one of our awesome student callers!

Last month, students engaged in MA’s tradition of community philanthropy by participating in the Annual Alumni Phonathon. Through this program, juniors and seniors reach out to you, our fabulous alums, to connect with you and to raise much-needed support. Students are self-selected; have a wide array of interests and backgrounds; receive training, supervision, and staff support; and they are paid for their efforts!

Like most independent schools, we have found that this program is a unique way for students to build skills and confidence. It is also a great way to introduce MA students to the concept of philanthropy as it relates specifically to MA. Many of them aren’t aware that the school needs to raise additional funds on top of tuition in order to recruit and retain its phenomenal faculty and staff, and in order to continue offering all of the programs that are hallmarks of the school. By engaging in raising philanthropic support, they learn about all of the people in our community who help provide the educational experience that they have access to.

We have also found that many of you enjoy connecting with students, regardless of your graduation year. And our students love getting the chance to speak with you – to hear about what MA was like during your time here, about faculty and staff who influenced you, and about what life is like beyond high school.

If you spoke with one of our student ambassadors last month, thank you for taking the time to connect with them. And, if you pledged or gave your support, thank you for making an impact on all of the students at MA. Your gifts are so important, and are deeply appreciated.

….And, if you didn’t have the chance to connect with our students last month, you might hear from them this spring. They would love to get to know you and to learn from you, and a fun conversation alone is enough to make their day!

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