Minicourse 2015

I am recently back from another wonderful Marin Academy Minicourse!  As a Marin Academy student back in the 90s, this was always one of the most wonderful times of the year.  I took full advantage of the Minicourse offerings, using the week as a time to push myself beyond my comfort zone and explore something previously foreign to me.  As a result, I had fantastic opportunities to kiss whales in Baja, explore wintery Yosemite National Park, check out colleges with our college counselor, and SCUBA dive at the Catalina Islands.

And so, with these experiences never far from my mind, I am passionate about seeing Minicourse continue to be a transformative one for MA’s current students as well.  In my first two years working at MA, I co-led the Corazon Mincourse, which brings students to the Valle de los Palmas community of Mexico to help build and repair houses and schools.  And for the past two years I have joined English teacher Jane Shamaeva in taking students to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Just as I loved these experiences as a student, I love them as an adult.  In addition to continuing to learn and grow personally, I have seen students embrace challenges, learn new things, and make new friends over the course of this week.

IMG_0764At this year’s Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) we had the chance to visit with Class of 1995 alum, Sarah Zimmerman DeLong. Sarah is working as a Design Assistant in the OSF costume shop and took an hour out of her busy week to give us a special tour and answer our many questions.  One student mentioned that this conversation helped her realize a future in theater.  What a treat to see current students and an alum connect on this level — thank you, Sarah!

I am so happy to know that Minicourse is a cherished part of the Marin Academy experience and look forward to hearing stories of these transformational moments for years to come!

To check out photos from all of our 2015 Minicourses, click HERE!


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