Alumni Spotlight: Jim Hyman ’85

This year Jim Hyman, Class of 1985, joined Marin Academy’s Board of Trustees as one of four alumni currently serving a three year term.  The charge of the Board of Trustees is to be a guardian of the school’s mission.  This group meets regularly to  plan for the future of the school, and ensures that Marin Academy has the financial and leadership resources necessary to achieve its strategic plans. Read more about Jim’s experiences below and more about the Board of Trustees here.

JIm and his wife, Laurie

JIm and his wife, Laurie

Tell us about how you ended up on MA’s Board of Trustees.

For years fellow alum Jefferson Coombs has carried the flag of keeping the Class of 1985 in the loop with respect to MA.  He was the lead recruiter for reunion, events, etc.  After several very well attended reunions he asked if I would like to get back involved with Marin Academy.  MA was an incredible 4 years for me, and it is really exciting to see how the school has evolved and yet has maintained much of what makes it unique.

What has it been like to reconnect with MA after all these years?
It is amazing to see how much the school has stayed the same, while becoming (obviously) one of the best high schools in the country.  After college, work, life, etc… I think it’s pretty incredible to have maintained so many close friends from almost 30 years ago…

Board members bring experience, wisdom, and strategic thinking to the table. Tell us what made you a good fit for the MA board.

The most important aspect of the board from my vantage point is the need to keep the uniqueness of MA in MA, while continuing to develop as a school.  One of the reasons I loved MA was because it was different than your average “college prep” high school.  It would really be too bad if that uniqueness was ever lost.

jimAnd what fills your time when you’re not working with MA?

Laurie and I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and jobs, so filling “free” time doesn’t ever seem to be a question!

With time comes change, can you share some of the similarities and differences you see between the MA you attended and today’s MA?

The importance on the arts, music, individuality and a broad education are clearly still drivers within the MA culture.  The only real difference I notice is that the facilities look amazing… the gym, field, classrooms, technology, etc. are all very impressive.  Not that having a haunted old dormitory on campus wasn’t cool…

If you were to re-enroll at Marin Academy, what would you do differently the second time around?

Not try out for cross country again, because I was terrible at it…

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