In Anticipation of Spring Break

We are just one week away from the  highly anticipated Spring Break! How will you spend the first two weeks of April? See what 40 of Marin Academy’s faculty and staff will be up to!


Hideko Akashi, Taiko teacher; Freshman Class Dean; Assistant to Crossroads/Aim High: Spring break always signifies to me the ramp up towards the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown in SF, where our taiko group (SF Taiko Dojo) gathers as part of the community and puts on several performances, from a free outdoor show, to an indoor concert, to participating in the grand parade.  There is a lot of prep that goes into it, and then an exhausting and exhilarating two weekends of taiko madness!

Chris Alexander, English: Going to Hawaii for seven days for the first time since I was a teenager. Looking forward to snorkeling and sand between my toes.

Derek Anderson, Head Librarian and History teacher: I am going to Strasbourg, France and Amsterdam.


Dan Babior, Director of Admissions: A little bit of relaxing after an amazing admission season…then some college revisit trips.

Barry Beach, Visual Arts: Looking forward to beginning some new drawings – and some snowboarding before the snow melts.

Stephen Baldwin, World Languages: I’m thrilled that I’ll be catching up with one of my sisters in South Beach, Miami.


Randi Martin Bakken, Science Department Chair: I’ll be playing with my precious little Riley!!!  She’ll be 6 months old during Spring Break!

Jennifer Blake, College Counselor: I’m looking forward to a three generation birthday celebration in honor of my father in Los Angeles, followed by a good friend’s wedding where my daughter is slated to be the flower girl (we’ll see about that!).

Katherine Boyd, Visual Arts:  I’ll be visiting LA with my husband, Jérémie.  It will be his first time in Southern California, so we are looking forward to seeing all of the sights and art museums in that area.  I also hope to finish up drawings for my comic/graphic novella.

Travis Brownley, Head of School: Reading and going swimming with the boys!

Jennifer Christensen, College Counseling: I’m looking forward to meeting my new niece in Southern California!

Charis Denison, Human Development: Tahoe Baby, Tahoe!!

Annie Elias, Performing Arts Department Chair: 40 winks…

Ken Ellingboe, Business Office: Taking a trip to visit my alma mater in San Luis Obispo where I’ll watch some lacrosse and run with my college buddies.

Laurie Giesen, Assistant to the Head of School: I will be traveling to Barcelona over the spring break. Such an adventure!

Pilar Góngora, World Languages: I am looking forward to going on adventures with my daughter and my mother!


Liz Gottlieb, Science: My mom and I are meeting in the “middle” of the country in Chicago — just to be together  — for 3 days.  No other siblings (8), no children (2), no partners! The remainder of break I will be home doing some spring cleaning and hanging out with my 6-year-old Sagie!

Marilou Graham, Business Office: Mostly working…but maybe a quick trip to Mendocino!

Lynne Hansen, Dean of Students: Looking forward to going to the Giants game on Parade Snow Globe giveaway day.

John Hicks, Science: Karen & I will be diving for Jade at Jade Cove.  This is an isolated, but beautiful part of our coast 60 miles south of Monterey.

Nancy Hoffman, History: Heading to Joshua Tree National Park to challenge myself with some rock climbing—something that I learned to do thanks to MA!


Mike Joyce, Chief Financial Officer: Over the break, Katie, Shannon, Martha and I will be taking Tucker to Puppy Class at the Marin Humane Society… and enjoying the many joys and challenges of puppy training!

Evie Koh, Registrar: I’ll work some, but take a few days off to catch up on some reading!

Carinne Lemaire, World Languages: I am staying in Marin. I will certainly swim, horseback ride, read and sleep!

Pam Maffei, History: I’m going to Kona where I hope to do a little windsurfing, painting, hiking, snorkeling……

Kacie Martinez, Associate Athletic Director: I will journeying up to Napa to test out the spa and resort at the Silverado for my pre-wedding day relaxation, as well as finishing up the wedding to do list! Only 97 more days to go!

Anne Maurice, Visual Arts: I’m doing a week-long home exchange with a family in Newport Beach. It will be fun to visit friends [who live in that area] that I haven’t seen for a long time!

bills dog

Bill Meyer, History Department Chair: I will be exploring the wilds of Marin with my trusty three-legged hiking companion.

Michael J. Morris, Director of the Annual Fund: Surf, come rain or shine, and hiking in Kauai!

Betsy Muir, History: I’ll be skiing with my family in Telluride – looking forward to spending time with my nieces and nephew from Michigan, enjoying the incredible views and long runs on the mountain, and, of course, taking in some quality time at the spa!

lindsay dogsLindsay Neville, Attendance Coordinator: At home, taking care of my 11 new puppies…they are so much fun!

Randee Paufve, Performing Arts: I will be doing some prep work for the Spring Theater/Dance collaborative project on the senses.  I will also be rehearsing for an upcoming show in SF, performing (as a dancer) with Nancy Karp + Dancers at a SOMA gallery.  Will also be continuing with rehearsals in preparation for my upcoming solo show, produced by my company Paufve Dance, to premiere Oct 4-11 2013 in the east bay.

John Petrovsky, World Languages: I am going to New York City to be a culture vulture and see friends.

Trixie Sabundayo, English Department Chair and Josh Frechette, Athletic Director: Heading to LA for Teaghan’s first surf trip!

Bob Schleeter, Music: Heading to Palm Springs (where I have never been) with a couple of ‘wild and crazy’ friends!

James Shipman, History: Looking for a 4th base camp for senior Vision Quest in Mono Lake area.

Nicole Stanton, Dean of Students: Not sure what I’m looking forward to more: devouring tons of books, frolicking in Pt. Isabel with my dog, or sleeping in past 6am.  All of that and more, I guess!

Mark Stefanski, Science: Happy to say that I am heading to Florida for some fun with my ‘sweetheart wife!’

Lauren Toker, Community Action and Crossroads/Aim High Public Partnership Program Director: Attending the White Privilege Conference, a program of the Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity & Inclusion, in Seattle.

The 2012-2013 school year marks 40 years of education at Marin Academy.  Throughout the year we will be commemorating this anniversary with on-campus events for students, special publications (including this ongoing series of “lists of 40″), and a community celebration at Bimbo’s in San Francisco on Saturday, April 20 (for more info and tickets visit:

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