40 Reasons We Support MA’s Annual Fund

Our generous community supports the Annual Fund each year in meeting a range of needs at Marin Academy that are crucial to the academic and financial strength of our school. What drives such generous philanthropy? Is it our individual Marin Academy experiences or our collective experiences? Perhaps the answer is both… consider (and share with us!) your own reasons for giving as we explore these Annual Fund facts and thought provoking quotes from some of those who give back to MA.  Big thanks to our Director of the Annual Fund, Michael J. Morris, for his work on this week’s list!

  1. We give to the Annual Fund in appreciation to the faculty and administration for our children’s experience at Marin Academy, and in recognition that tuition does not cover the full cost of a Marin Academy education.  Ann & Andy, current parents
  2. I give to the MA Annual Fund because without it I never would have had the opportunity to attend such an amazing school and I owe it to future generations to have the same chance I did to learn and grow in the catalytic environment that is Marin Academy.  Ben, Class of ’04
  3. Did you know?  The Annual Fund is crucial to the academic and financial strength of our school.
  4. I give because I feel lucky to be part of such a powerful learning community and because it is a privilege to work with the fantastic students who make MA the school that it is.  Bill, faculty
  5. MA provided my children with the most wonderful high-school experience. I give back in thanks for this.  Anonymous, alumni parent
  6. I support MA because MA helped me become the smart, confident, independent woman that I am today.  Caroline, Class of ’96
  7. I was able to attend MA because of the financial aid I received. I give to MA now because I want to help others have the same opportunity today.  Christian, Class of ’00
  8. I give to MA because tuition does not cover the cost of a MA education.  Daniel, current parent
  9. Did you know?  The Annual Fund helps MA retain our talented faculty and staff.
  10. I want to see MA continue to thrive, particularly by attracting students from all socioeconomic backgrounds; that’s why I give.  Dave, staff
  11. I give because an excellent education is one of the greatest and most long-lasting gifts that I can give to my children.  Deborah, current parent
  12. I give to the annual fund because this is my twentieth year working for Marin Academy and I can’t think of a more wonderful place to support.  Elisabeth, staff
  13. Did you know?  The Annual Fund helps provide financial aid to 22% of MA families.
  14. Marin Academy gives such a great rounded education. It is a pleasure to make a contribution.  Harvey, grandparent
  15. I give because schools as humane and forward-looking as MA are rare and ought to be preserved.  Jared, faculty
  16. I give to MA because the MA community gives so much to me.  Jennifer, staff
  17. I donate to MA in gratitude for all MA gave to my son and so others may have the same opportunity.  Jo Ann, alumni parent
  18. Did you know?  Members from throughout the MA community participate in the Annual Fund each year.
  19. …I remember how much MA helped me grow as a person and academically. With the senior projects and mini-courses, I was able to experience working on a newspaper and rafting, plus the friendships I made endure to this day.  Ken, Class of ’75
  20. I want to give back to the MA community because it was the first place where I was challenged to question, think critically, and stand up for what I believe in. Giving back is a way to show my appreciation and to ensure that future generations of MA students receive the same quality education.  Leeann, Class of ’00
  21. I make a donation each year because MA prepared me for my entire life beyond high school.  Anonymous, alum
  22. I give to the Annual Fund because I hope for other kids to experience MA without financial worries as a roadblock.  Lucy, Class of ’12
  23. I give to MA because as someone who works in a school, I know how every gift matters.  I had a wonderful experience at MA and I’d like ensure others do as well.  Maria, Class of ’91
  24. Did you know?  Alumni gifts to the Annual Fund are eligible for a matching grant that supports MA’s endowment.
  25. The MA community is truly inclusive, and the depth, diversity, and talent of this community rely on all of us doing what we can to support it.  Maria & Patrick, current parents
  26. I give to the Annual Fund because I see the direct benefit to the teachers and students every day.  Marilou, staff
  27. I give back to support the best teaching staff a 14 year old could ever have.  Matthew, Class of ’01
  28. Did you know?  Collectively, our gifts to the Annual Fund have raised more than $1,000,000 for Marin Academy, each of the past seven years.
  29. I give because the MA experience is special.  Pat, Class of ’03
  30. What a privilege it is to be able to make a contribution to the MA Annual Fund as a pledge of gratitude for the generous assistance provided to my daughter.  Roberta, current parent
  31. We give to the Annual Fund to support the outstanding faculty.  Anonymous, current parent
  32. Did you know?  The Annual Fund supports the Conference on Democracy and Literary Festival.
  33. From the flowers in the MA Garden to the underwater peace of a SCUBA Outing, I give to support all the things that make Marin Academy special.  Robbie, staff
  34. I give because I want today’s students to have the same invaluable experiences that I was lucky enough to have. Ryan, Class of ’02
  35. Our family gives to MA because we believe a diverse community of teachers and students is just another facet of an incredible MA education.  Sarah, current parent
  36. Did you know?  Gifts to the MA Annual Fund are tax-deductible.
  37. Donations support the school’s sustainability and provides a diverse environment where the students can move towards a well-rounded education.  Sevilla, current parent
  38. We give to the Annual Fund to support the outstanding faculty.  Anonymous, current parent
  39. Every day I see examples of what our vibrant annual fund allows us to do in the classroom and beyond. I am happy to be counted among the many donors that support this nourishing academic environment.  Vicki, staff
  40. Did you know?  Marin Academy deeply appreciates the generosity of its school community with every gift to the Annual Fund.

The 2012-2013 school year marks 40 years of education at Marin Academy.  Throughout the year we will be commemorating this anniversary with on-campus events for students, special publications (including this on-going series of “lists of 40″), and a community celebration at Bimbo’s in San Francisco on April 20 (Save the date!).

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