Tools of the Trade – 40 Musical Instruments

This Friday and Saturday, Marin Academy’s very talented musicians will share their semester’s work with the community at the December Music Concert.  This concert will feature six diverse and exciting young ensembles. The Vocal Jazz Quintet plays a mix of standard jazz and a piece by recent Grammy winner Esperanza Spaulding. Our three world music groups feature Brazilian, Cuban son, Caribbean, and South African rhythms, along with vocals in French, Spanish, and English. In the American Roots class we ask the question: What are the roots of your music? Our groups play the blues along with classic rock, soul and folk.Performances are Friday, November 30 at 6:00 pm and Saturday, December 1 at 7:30 pm. Both evenings will feature the same line-up.  Click here for tickets:
As always, this weekend’s concerts are brought to us as the result of the hard work, passion, and talent of our music department and their many many instruments.  See our list below for just 40 of the instruments that our students play.
1.  Accordion

2.  Agogo bells

3.  Banjo

4.  Bodhran

5.  Bongos

6.  Castanets

7.  Cello

8.  Clarinet (and bass clarinet)

9.  Cowbell

10. Cymbal

11. Djembe

12. Drum (bass drum, taiko drum, snare drum, and drum kit)

13. Euphonium

14. Fiddle

15. Flute

16. Guiro

17. Guitar (acoustic , bass, and electric)

18. Harmonica

19. Harp

20. Kazoo

21. Kalimba

22. Keyboard

23. Mandolin

24. Marimba

25. Organ

26. Piano

27. Piccolo

28. Repenique

29. Saxophone (alto, baritone, and tenor)

30. Surdo

31. Tablas

32. Tamborim

33. Theramin

34. Tres

35. Triangle

36. Trombone

37. Trumpet

38. Ukulele

39. Viola

40. Voice

“Musical skills are important, and I’d be lost in this job without them, but they are nowhere near as important as people skills. One student famously said, “Music is easy, it’s the people that are hard”. But that intersection – a group coming together – is one place where the magic lies.” – Bob Schleeter, Music Teacher

The 2012-2013 school year marks 40 years of education at Marin Academy.  Throughout the year we will be commemorating this anniversary with on-campus events for students, special publications (including this on-going series of “lists of 40″), and a community celebration at Bimbo’s in San Francisco on April 20 (Save the date!).

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