What is Growing in the Garden? (A List of 40)

“In 1996 three MA students, Jenn Bernstein ’97, Charlie Ristad ’97 and Joanna Stagg ’97, under the mentorship of Glenn Stanfield and Amanda Webby, proposed a plan for a garden on the MA campus as part of a service learning project.  Although this initial proposal was not accepted, the seeds were planted and by the late 90’s and early 2000’s students could be found working passionately in the school’s garden, tucked away behind the Old Gym.  

In the mid-2000’s, the garden began to blossom thanks to the generous support of the Mimi and Peter Buckley family.  As a result, a Master Gardener Arthur Baker, guided several Minicourses and senior projects to help expand and the garden’s beds and composting system.  Soil from the old baseball diamond was used to expand the garden’s dimensions significantly in 2007.  MA’s Garden Steward elective was established in 2009, and since that time dozens of students have taken this class under the mentorship of our current Master Gardener, Tony Mekisich.  

Today, current students work in the garden in their academic classes across the curriculum, senior projects and weekend volunteer projects have led to significant contributions in on-site amenities, and many teachers and staff have contributed to the garden’s growth and development over the years – most recent participants include Doreen Clark, Peter Poutiatine (especially with beekeeping!), and Liz Gottlieb.  A special shout out to Micky Morris and the operations crew, Travis Brownley, and MAPA for their continued support!”

-Mark Stefanski, Science   

  1. Apples
  2. Persimmons
  3. Peaches
  4. Nectarines
  5. Plums
  6. Pluots
  7. Pomegranates
  8. Figs
  9. Meyer Lemons
  10. Tomatoes
  11. Broccoli
  12. Artichokes
  13. Lettuce
  14. Kale
  15. Bok Choi
  16. Peas
  17. Strawberries
  18. Raspberries
  19. Grapes
  20. Sunflowers
  21. Poppies
  22. Amaranth
  23. Lavender
  24. Thyme
  25. Sage
  26. Lemon Verbena
  27. Mint
  28. Rose
  29. Morning Glory
  30. Compost
  31. Bees
  32. Honey
  33. Pill bugs
  34. Butterflies
  35. Weeds (but not too many – and you can help ridding us of these!)

But most importantly, “wonder (#36), curiosity (#37), endeavor (#38), peacefulness (#39), and generosity (#40) are all grown in the students who tend the garden…..”


The 2012-2013 school year marks 40 years of education at Marin Academy.  Throughout the year we will be commemorating this anniversary with on-campus events for students, special publications (including this on-going series of “lists of 40″), and a community celebration at Bimbo’s in San Francisco on April 20 (Save the date!).

3 thoughts on “What is Growing in the Garden? (A List of 40)

  1. #8 – Figs come from a tree planted by the Jew Crew in February 2007 as part of a Tu B’shvat celebration. I love how the garden continues to grow in maturity and grow beautiful tasty food for people in the community to enjoy.

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