40 Summer Stories

With students off on summer adventures of their own, MA’s faculty and staff spent the summer traveling, undertaking new projects, and indulging in personal passions.  Check out how 40 MA employees spent their summer!

A group of MA students, faculty and staff traveled to Kenya’s Daraja Academy.

1.  I steered a sailboat for the first time. – Chris Alexander, English
2.  I went to Panama and saw the new portion of the Panama Canal. Hadn’t visited the canal in over 10 years. –Anayansi Aranda-Yee, World Languages
3.  Got Scuba certified on the MA friends and family trip with John Hicks and went diving with my son, Rene. –Dan Babior, Admissions
4.  DJ’d in San Francisco. –Katharine Boyd, Visual Arts
5.  I discovered three new recipes for tomatoes. –Travis Brownley, Head of School
6.  I spent time visiting my father in Hong Kong and went to the world’s largest outdoor Buddha on Lantau Island. –Vicki Buder, Advancement
7.  I volunteered with College Horizons for Native American students in preparation for college. – Jennifer Christensen, College Counseling

Riddle Collie tends to her pups.

8.  We spent the summer in San Rafael frequenting A’s games and caring for our girl, Riddle, who gave birth to a litter of puppies.  – Mary Collie, English and Jamie Collie, Mathematics
9.  Hung out with my 21 year old daughter! –Sue Crowther, Admissions
10. Photographed restaurants and worked. – Molly DeCoudreaux, Communications
11. Went hiking in Vancouver to the top of Mount Seymour and swam in a mountain lake. –Annie Elias, Performing Arts
12. Spent 10 days in Eugene, Oregon for the US Olympic Track Trials. – Ken Ellingboe, Business Office
13. I took the tour of Teaghan. – Josh Frechette, Athletics
14. Spent a week with my daughter in St. Thomas and went out on a dive boat to St. John. –Laurie Giesen, Head’s Office
15. Appreciated the quiet of a morning hike on Mt. Tam. –Connie Goldsmith, Admissions
16. Enjoyed going on adventures in San Francisco with my five year-old daughter. –Pilar Gongora, World Languages
17. I planted vegetables in my garden. -Marilou Graham, Business Office

One of Elisabeth’s favorite spots, Oxford College

18. I went down a ten story drop on a roller coaster called The Ghost Rider. –Robbie Gutierrez, Advancement
19. Spent an amazing 3 weeks in Kenya at Daraja Academy and on safari with 14 MA students and 3 colleagues. – Lynne Hansen, Dean of Students
20. I spent part of the summer in Oxford and London, my favorite places on the planet. –Elisabeth Hodges, Advancement
21. I spent 40 hours in the poultry tent at the Marin County Fair!  Cluck, Cluck! –Mike Joyce, Business Office
22. I turned 31. –Evie Koh, Registrar
23. Attended my daughter’s college graduation. –Brad Lakritz, Technology
24. We rented a house in Angels Camp for a week, my youngest daughter learned how to swim, and we went to Disneyland. – Greg Lentz, Technology
25. Both my kids got up, made their own breakfast, and went off to work!  – Pam Maffei, History
26. I went to Daraja. Daraja was a rich, illuminating experience, from bonding with the amazing people at Daraja to seeing zebras, baby elephants, and a cheetah. –Dave Marshall, History
27. I started working at MA. – Kacie Martinez, Athletics
28. I turned our front yard into a tortoise habitat. –Bill Meyer, History
29. I rode a 50 foot pirate ship through the desert at Burning Man. –Michael Morris, Advancement
30. I spent a wonderful summer with my grandkids. –Micky Morris, Operations
31. I did a fabulous architectural boat tour in Chicago. –Sanjai Moses, Dean of Multicultural Life
32. I was a few feet away from an elk at the Grand Canyon. –Lindsay Neville, Attendance Office
33. I became an auntie. -Katie Pfeiffer, Communications

The Class of ’82 celebrates 30 years!

34. I spent the summer soaking up the San Rafael sun, frequenting Giants games, and attending a few fun Bay Area alumni events! -Beth Sherman, Alumni Relations
35. I enjoyed doing special projects and being with my family. – Glenn Stanfield, World Languages
36. I moved to San Rafael’s Sun Valley neighborhood. –Nicole Stanton, Dean of Faculty
37. I joined MA students and teachers and traveled to Kenya for a heartfelt exchange of perspectives with the girls and staff of Daraja Academy!-Mark Stefanski, Science
38. I took my two year-old kayaking in Panama. –Lauren Toker, Community Action Program Director
39. I dipped my toes into the shores of Lake Tahoe. –Megan Wheeler, College Counseling
40. I spent another fabulous vacation in my favorite spot, Block Island. Biking, swimming and reading! –Meg Wilson, Advancement

The 2012-2013 school year marks 40 years of education at Marin Academy.  Throughout the year we will be commemorating this anniversary with on-campus events for students, special publications (including this on-going series of “lists of 40”), and a community celebration at Bimbo’s in San Francisco on April 20 (Save the date!).

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