Senior Projects

The end of the school year means a flurry of non-traditional activities for MA’s students.  One highlight is the Senior Project: an opportunity for students to take control of the learning process and to pursue goals, activities, or interests that normally would not fall within the four-year high school course of study.  I have been lucky enough to get to know quite a few seniors this year and hearing about their senior projects has been a great way to see another side of them.

You’ve met one such senior, Emily, in a previous post.  For Emily’s senior project she is interning at an organic dairy in West Marin where, as she puts it, “files papers, take inventory of bull semen, herd cows, and use insane quantities of allergy medication.”  Emily is blogging about her experience: “LOLing with Emily

Another senior who’s embarked on a senior project is Tiffany.  While you have yet to meet Tiffany, you are probably familiar with her amazing artwork, which we used for our Fall 2011 reunion invitation.  Tiffany is spending her three-week senior project working with Tumbleweed Tiny House Company to build a 450 square-foot prototype house.  Check out Tiffany’s blog, “Little House on the Trailer” to read about Tiffany’s experience and learn a bit about the Tiny House Movement.

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