A Day at the Ballpark

Among the many unique course offerings available to an MA student is one of my favorites: Field of Dreams: The literature of baseball.  This course, taught by baseball nut Mary Collie, asks students to look at American baseball culture through the lens of gender and masculinity.  Students spend a semester studying how baseball has become the national pastime, how it has manifest in our literary and cultural history and how the game of baseball acts as a backdrop to the meaning of myth and the role of heros in our culture.  And you thought this course would be all fun and games, eh?

One highlight of this course is the annual trip to AT&T Park.  As a baseball fan, myself, I quickly volunteered my services as van driver / adult chaperone.  And what a time we had!

Welcome to AT&T Park!

Ah, the trophy of champions!

Testing out the chairs and the view from the press box. We could get used to this!

Our team of misfits on the visitors’ bench.

Clyde (aka Goldie) proved to be a fine tour guide for our day at the park. Of course, we’d expect no less from a former MA softball coach!

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