What’s the Difference?

In preparation for our final novel of the semester, The Great Gatsby, Nicole’s 20th Century American Novel class spent today’s D Block talking about the difference between the idea of one reinventing him /herself vs discovering who he / she really is.  To frame the lively conversation, we spend the first 10 minutes reading a “The Secret Life of a Society Maven,”  a recent NY Times article by Alan Feuer.

In this piece the author tells us of meeting his doppelgagner, a man living a high society life who, upon his death, is discovered to have fabricated the persona that he spent much of his adult life living.  This article is clearly a perfect entree to The Great Gatsby in which the main character’s truth is very different that what he portrays.

Enjoy the article and join in the discussion:  Did Feuer “reinvent” himself or, as one of his friends suggested, did he just “discover who he already was?”  What’s the difference?  Which term would you use?

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