Chatting with Emily, Class of 2012

D Block English has taught me oodles about Faulkner and Morrison, reignited a passion for reading the classics, and given me the great pleasure of getting to know a handful of our current juniors and seniors.  Meet Emily, a second semester senior and Senate Spirit Captain, squeezes lip-sync planning, studying, t-shirt sales, and thoughtful refection into an ordinary day.

Your reign as Spirit Captain is almost over, what has been your favorite part of this job?
My favorite part of my job was planning the Formal Court for Winter Formal. I went to Staples all by myself for supplies, and felt very grown up. I even saved the receipts to get reimbursed! And then I found an entrance to the highway all by myself. It was one of the more independent things I had done in a while. Also, Evy (my co-captain) and I created a game of Marin Academy themed taboo, and watching participants in the formal court guess and mcing the whole thing was pretty fun.

Last semester the senior girls rocked the house with a choreographed lip sync.  Spring Spirit Week is just around the corner – can you give us a sneak peak?!     
I can’t give away too many details regarding this Lip Sync, but I know it will be fantastic! We rocked Britney last time, so we were thinking about doing some sort of boy band this time. Each time this lip sync comes around, I am so impressed by the level of involvement and excitement – one girl posts a tutorial of herself explaining the dance moves on a page on facebook, and every girl watches it and practices until she has it mastered! It’s a pretty great feeling when we all do a final run through day of, and even though no one has practiced in a group everyone knows the moves.

Regretfully, I graduated MA without ever going on an outing.  With only 2 months left, what is the number one thing you still have left to do? 

I thought a lot about this question, and honestly, I am not sure I have a good answer. Outings this year are pretty tough to get on, so while I’d be thrilled to ‘get outside’ more often, I’m not really blaming myself for it. I really feel like I have tried a lot of things at MA, but I guess I always have wanted to go swimming in the pool in my clothes or pull out a “Dead Poet Society” “oh captain my captain” during English class. Oh, and I really want to win the cupcake contest that I just signed up for.
The “The Academy” shirts are pretty awesome (image above).  Who designed them and where can I get one?? 
WOW! Those Academy shirts ARE awesome. The student senate thought of the idea and voted on the design together, but Freshman Mackenzie Stein drew up the graphic herself. They look pretty great, if I do say so myself! Do you want to buy one?** T-shirts are long sleeve black Hanes with design in the center, available in S, M, L, XL.  I love mine!  If you are interested in buying one, email me:

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