Minicourse 2012

Minicourse.  As an MA student or alum, this is a week that stands out among the other 51 – a chance to explore passions, learn something new, give back to the community, and make new friends.

I had the opportunity to join Glenn Stanfield, Dave Marshall and 18 current MA students in Valle de las Palmas, Mexico where we spent 5 days working with the locals to spruce up their community.  We worked very hard, laughed / sang / danced a lot, toughed out chilly and wet weather, made friends with the locals, and practiced our Spanish.  Without a doubt, MA’s unique and wonderful minicourse experience is alive and well.

Enjoy a few pictures from our trip!


Allison fills her roller with purple paint - Eva wanted her house to be "fuerte!" (strong) and visible from the road.

Fuerte and hermosa!


Chase talks with kids at the local school about what they'd love to improve at their school - a new soccer field topped the list!


Dave, Rebecka and Lena get ready to return to work after a hard-earned siesta.


Lauren and Jessie play with Chewy who, at just 2 months old, squirmed his way into everyone's hearts.


Mario, August and Chase put the finishing touches on a three day insulation and sheetrock project.


Posing for a final group shot with a few of Valle de las Palmas' señoras (and Chewy).

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