We Hear You!

In January 2012 we rolled out Marin Academy’s very first all-alumni survey.  Hoping for enough responses to qualify as “valid,” imagine our surprise by the overwhelming response rate.  MA alumni, you have proven to be a vibrant, engaged and opinionated bunch!  THANK YOU to the 758 (wow!) of you who responded to our survey.  We have already started to process your feedback and are excited to roll out many new initiatives in the coming months.

Check out some of the findings below!

We had 758 responses

That’s 41% of those surveyed and 27% of our total alumni population.
EVERY class weighed in and 35 of 37 classes had more than 10 people respond.

The majority of our alumni currently live in the Bay Area (52%)
NYC, LA, Portland, Seattle, DC, and Boston follow in that order

What are you looking for in an alumni program?  Reunions, career networking, and attending on-campus events (speakers, films, etc), regional gatherings, and alumni vision quest… in that order!

Favorite aspects of the NEXUS?  Class notes, alumni profiles, and faculty profiles.

Interested in staying in touch?  YES!  70% of respondents said that they would be interested in a quarterly email newsletter!  Perhaps you are reading this now as a result of our very first installment?

Leave a comment or shoot me an email to share your thoughts on the survey or our upcoming programming!

4 thoughts on “We Hear You!

  1. What awesome results for the survey. Kudos to Beth and to the Alums who responded! Alums remaining connected to MA is a critical part of our future. Thank you!

  2. Fabulous publication, Beth. I love hearing what MA alumni are up to. I will be an alumni parent in 4 short months. I am glad we will be getting periodic updates from the class of 2012 down the road!

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