Group Work vs. Individual Work

The Marin Academy faculty & staff email list has been abuzz with discussion of a NY Times opinion piece by Susan Cain, titled “The Rise of the New Groupthink.”  As I reacquaint myself with classroom learning, this article and discussion was of particular interest.  Enjoy!

Homework Assignment (due Thursday) – Part One – Creative Writing: First, write one paragraph (~150-200 words) in the voice of one of As I Lay Dying’s main characters.  Try to capture both how your character thinks and sounds.  Second, write one paragraph (~150-200 words) explaining what you wrote and why.  Answer these questions: what did you choose to have your character think and talk about, and why? And, what choices did your make regarding sentence length, punctuation, p.o.v, vocab, etc to best capture the voice of your character?  Part Two – Vocab: Study for Vocab Quiz #1

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